5 Natural ways to beat pesky PMS symptoms 

5 Natural ways to beat pesky PMS symptoms 


Bad mood, anxious, irritated, cramping, headache, can’t sleep. If these PMS symptoms sound all too familiar then you might dread that time of the month more than ever.

PMS symptoms can vary from woman to woman, you might not get every symptom under the umbrella, but even just a few can feel like too much to handle.

There are meds for pains, headaches and cramps, but when it comes to mood there are some natural remedies. In fact, there are also natural remedies for pain, so you don’t have to always keep a pack of paras close by when you are PMS-ing.

Here are our 5 natural ways to beat PMS

  1. Meditation and mindfulness 

When you are feeling ‘wound up’ (to put it lightly), you might try taking some deep breaths to help calm the sympathetic nervous system, lengthen the breath and slow the heart rate. Guided meditation can help with this, which you can find apps for or just use YouTube videos to help you find a moment of calm. 

It is thought to help reduce your body’s response to anger, helping you to relax. A mindfulness activity can also have a similar effect. Try colouring, puzzles, gentle yoga or connecting with nature.

  1. Warm bath 

If those aches and pains are getting you down try taking a warm bath to relieve the cramps. Use essential oils such as lavender which may also help with sleep. If you are still cramping after your warm bath try heat therapy in the form of a hot water bottle or heat pack. 

We love to include things you can use to relax in the bath in our period subscription boxes, such as candles and chocolate. We’re pretty sure bath tables were invented for a period pampering bath!

  1. CBD Oil 

CBD for period issues is really having a moment, and its not surprising when you look at how it may help. 

Hormone fluctuations during your cycle can cause you to feel anxious. These symptoms can be very severe in ladies with Premenstrual dysphoric disorder (PMDD). Anxiety can impact your day to day, both at work and in your social life. CBD oil has some promising research into how it may help with anxiety.

CBD may help your body to use its own serotonin to help improve your mood. It is also thought to increase prefrontal cortex activation which lowers activity in the amygdala, which plays a big part in our emotions. 

One study writes: “current evidence indicates CBD has considerable potential as a treatment for multiple anxiety disorders.”

If your PMS anxiety is causing you to toss and turn in bed, then you might be interested to know that CBD may also help you to relax and sleep too, try Pretty Peaceful by Our Remedy to find a sense of calm.


On top of all that, it’s also used to help relax the stomach muscles that cause cramps.

  1. St Johns Wort

If your mood is really getting you down during PMS and you feel like you just can’t smile or find anything to make you feel good, you might look at St John’s Wort. This is a natural remedy which has been used for thousands of years to help depression. Research has found that it may be as effective as some antidepressants used to treat mild to moderate depression. 

  1. Clary Sage 

The essential oil, Clary Sage, has long been nicknamed ‘Womens Oil’ because of how it could help relieve symptoms of menstruation and PMS. 

The oil is thought to provide a sense of calm, relieve pains and reduce food cravings. You can find Clary Sage in Our Remedy CBD oil, offering another string to the bow of the cannabinoid oil.

When you are suffering with PMS symptoms, like anger, low mood, sleepless nights, anxiety, food cravings, cramps and more, then you can look to natural remedies rather than drugs to help. 

If PMS is hitting you hard every month, don’t suffer through it. Find new, alternative ways to manage your symptoms and make you feel like you again. 

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