Hello! My name is Deaven, I am the founder of BaeBoxx and launched this subscription box business whilst I was studying at the University of Nottingham in 2019.  

I launched BaeBoxx because I remember starting my period very young and feeling ashamed for so long about something that is very natural and an important part of womanhood!
Instead of carrying this negative stigma, I decided that BaeBoxx would be a way that we can embrace our periods and turn them into something positive to look forward to each month (as opposed to dread!). It is the 21st century and the negative stigma attached to periods should no longer exist!

BAE stands for Before Anyone Else. When it comes to self-care and love, only YOU come first. Being a woman comes with many trials and tribulations and embracing this natural part of our body is one of the most powerful things we can do. Also, educating the future generation of young girls that periods are healthy, normal and not dirty is extremely important to us. There does not need to be any more disguising of period products in our hands when walking to the bathroom, no embarrassment of the sound of unwrapping our sanitary products in a toilet cubicle - this is NATURAL and nothing to be ashamed of.

I and a few extra hands carefully wrap your little pink packages from our office and we have had so much fun making all of your time of the month’s that little bit easier. We've got your sanitary needs, self-care and cravings sorted.
We are also super proud to donate 5% of our proceeds to various UK period poverty charities including Bloody Good Period. This means that not only are you purchasing some well-deserved self-care for yourself at that time of the month but you are able to help contribute to supporting other women in receiving the adequate sanitary care that they deserve, which many to this day still struggle to afford.

This is only the beginning and we appreciate all of the support we have received so far and the friends we’ve made on here. We still have a long way to go but since launching this business we have received some fantastic feedback from not only many women across the country but also mothers who have gifted boxes to their daughters to introduce their periods positively. Also, men have shown their support which we have found to be an amazing sign of progress compared to common misogynistic views in the past.

Watch this space... 💘💋