How It Works



When you sign up for a BaeBoxx, every month we curate a thoughtfully handpicked selection of productsyou will receive a box of carefully hand-selected products, sanitary products and treats to get you prepped and ready for your upcoming period. It's not always an easy ride, which is exactly why we're here to provide unwavering support.

During checkout, take control of your experience by customizing your preferences. Craft a tailor-made care package that aligns perfectly with your individual needs – because at BaeBoxx, it's all about you. Our name says it all: BaeBoxx, where you come first, before anyone else.



Impatiently wait for your BaeBoxx to arrive (waiting by door doesn't help, we've tried).

We ship all of our boxes at the same time at the beginning of every month, allowing you to be ready and stocked up for when Aunt Flo arrives!

If you have ordered your first box on or after the 7th of the month then this will be shipped on our next shipping cycle the following month.


When your box arrives, don’t forget to Insta your pics with the hashtag #BaeBoxx and make the rest of your gal pals jealous af.