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Periods can sometimes make you sad, hungry, angry or anxious because they totally screw up your hormones. Hormonal mood swings, pain, cramps and PMS symptoms are no fun but, they are inevitable. But, what we can do is make it easier to deal with by looking after ourselves in the best way possible. 

That's why we have launched BaeBoxx, the monthly care package for your time of the month to make things a little bit easier.

BaeBoxx contents will vary depending on each month. However, you are always guaranteed a mixed assortment of:

  • 12 Sanitary Pads and/or Tampons (Always or Tampax)
  • Sweet treats (usually chocolate!) for those cravings
  • Self-care pamper products
  • Feminine care products
  • Relaxing Teas

Please Note: This is a subscription box, with payments taken monthly.

5% of the proceeds from this box will be donated to a UK period poverty charity to help provide sanitary items to females who cannot afford them.