Cervical Screening Awareness Week 2020

Cervical Screening Awareness Week 2020
Hey Girls! 


So this week is known as Cervical Screening Awareness Week, a week in which all of us ladies can educate ourselves further on the importance of Cervical screening to make sure everything ‘down there’ is healthy and cancer free! As a brand we are super passionate about all things female related and so we feel it is imperative that we draw attention to the importance of Cervical screening smear tests. We want to shed a little light onto the importance of keeping up to date with your screening appointments by answering some FAQ’s regarding cervical cancer and screenings!


Cervical cancer accounts for 2% of all new cancer cases in females in the UK (2017) and is considered the 4th most common type of Cancer in women (2018). The absolute best way to prevent this type of cancer is to identify it as soon as possible, therefore meaning cervical screenings are essential in doing just that. Because cervical cancer often has no symptoms in its early stages, consistent screening is key in keeping tabs on what’s going on! 


What happens during a smear test?
When getting a smear test at your local GP a trained nurse will use a small swab to brush against your cervix walls to take a sample of cells. 
At what age should you get a smear test?
From the age of 25 you will be invited by letter from your GP to attend a cervical screening appointment.
(However, this is being looked at being lowered in the future!)
How often do you need to have a smear test?
Smear tests usually take place approximately every 2-3 years and are free between the ages of 25-64 in the UK.
Does a smear test hurt?
Honestly, not at all! Yh sure it feels slightly uncomfortable, but the pain is totally minimal! 
Should I feel embarrassed about a doctor investigating down there?
NO!!! There is absolutely nothing to be embarrassed about! These nurses have most likely seen thousands of different private parts in their lifetime, they’re medically trained and qualified professionals and between you and me, I can assure you that these nurses will have better things to talk about on their tea break’s than your vagina!


For any more questions on the importance of cervical cancer screening, please follow the following link to ‘Jo’s Cervical Cancer Trust’ page where you will find heaps more information on all things cervical cancer related. Here you can also donate to help support the charity!



As a brand we often like to keep things lighthearted, however, on occasions it is essential to address serious topics such as cervical cancer. We want to make sure all of you ladies stay fit & healthy and so we hope we have been able to bring awareness to this topic, potentially even influencing some of you to go and get your smear tests taken!


Love always,
The BaeBoxx Team xx

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